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No pain, no gain.
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No pain, no gain.


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Jul 21, 2014

Kan du svenska?

So when people ask a dreaded question “Can you speak Swedish”? I still kind of freak out. Want to know why? Because like so many things, it ISN’T a 1 or 0 kind of reply!

Det beror på väldigt mycket // It depends on so much! It depends on the time I have known the person I am talking to, it depends on how long during the day itself I have been speaking/thinking/writing in Swedish as well. Sometimes it depends on the time of day (seems to be better in the mornings). Usually it depends on my mood too. If I am pressed for time, I would rather say something in English. If the other person is stressed out too, I’d rather they say it quickly in English rather than quickly in Swedish and me misunderstand something.

My conversations are blended. I mix English into my Swedish and Swedish into my English. This is usually totally ok. It’s how a lot of Swedes communicate themselves even if it is a bit ‘university speak’. 

So, to answer the question, you’ll just have to see for yourself if you think I can speak Swedish. Förstås kan jag hänga med— men man måste ju ha lite tålamod! :)

I mean just check out my Facebook below— it’s all sorts of everything :-p


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Reading across fandoms

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Jul 20, 2014

Well I might’ve spoken too soon.

As you guys may have noticed I’ve been a huge wad of indecision lately. Like my dad said, I’ve been overanalyzing eeeeeeverything. Why not just live and be happy?

So I’ve been doing that for the past day and a half!

Did yoga, worked out with a friend and then had a great spontaneous hang-out day with my friend. Julie came to Lund and I showed her around a bit. We checked out the art museum which had an interesting art exhibit— tapestries with political site-specific photo collages. Really, really cool. 

Had fika in the Botanical Garden in Lund— really nice and cozy :) 

We played with Miro the dog! :)

I wrote in my journal a bit. Goals, career and otherwise.

Came to the conclusion that I would want to end up in Europe at the end of the day anyway.

Realized I have a job/jobs here. I have the possibility to STAY HERE if I want it! So—- why not?!

I have the makings of a beautiful thing! The happiness in knowing that there is always Atlanta helps me through those tough times.

I’ll be more than ok. Im going to have a BLAST here in Sweden. Just need to get on the right path— the one of choosing to be happy rather than depressed.

Being happy is a choice.

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fly home little birdie!!!

this american birdie is going to fly home. middle of august is the preliminary plan. i can’t wipe the smile off my face, so i know i’ve made the right decision.

and honestly, i could NOT have made it without all of these stumbling stones in the way. im such a stubborn person, but in the end, i am choosing to be happy and surrounded by those who love me and i love them.

next large plane flight: atlanta bound!

Jul 17, 2014

Time to be a happy Kelly


The morning started really well! I got up, gave the dog a short piss time, I gave him a bath cause otherwise Ill be really allergic to him, and then we took a jog together. I fixed some graphics for this company called Nordgröna, and I then had a meeting with a lady that runs a great yoga studio here. If I clean up in the mornings then I can have free yoga! Then I went to Jennys house and talked a bit to her and Louise. Felt good.

My mood this morning was great. I felt like I was capable of doing stuff here in Sweden and was feeling pretty good. I read a bit more of my Olaf Palme book and then settled into staring at the computer. I even took a nap. Something about not getting a reply from people that I was hoping to hear from made me feel sad. 

I started doubting everything again. I feel really insecure here. As if someone might pull the carpet out from me at any moment. And I have been feeling realllllllly homesick. I think about my mom and dad. I think about the lack of stress I felt at home.

I also think about how I was still sad in the evenings at home, that I still didnt know what to do with my life there. This isn’t something new. This is kinda me and how I operate. 

i then went to pick up a key to look after a cat this weekend. my friend Julie and I hung out, biked to the beach to work out with Friskies och Svettis, and then her boyfriend cooked us dinner! It was unexpected and really nice. I thanked them profusely.

i talked a little bit about how i was feeling— just really homesick and debating whether or not to leave for home. 

honestly a big part of it is that mats has shut me out of his life now. i know he needs it, but it hurts so bad. somewhere inside of me i thought maybe we could get back together. now i know, the answer is definitely no. i thought that if i did all the things he wanted (get a job, clean my place more, speak more swedish) he would take me back. 

the answer is no. 

my tears have been flowing for days now. it hurts really bad. 

of course i want to be home and be with my parents who take really good care of me :) but….maybe, just maybe, i can push on. if i make it thru this then maybe there’s something to win on the other side? happiness, self-contentment, a respect for myself. 

its a debate i have daily. i still dont know. a voice in my head tells me there are still adventures here. another voice says there is nothing wrong in going home. no defeat, just less wasted time in some ways?

but i like sweden. it would hurt to leave here anyway.

so the fact is, it will hurt no matter what i do. 

PROS of going home:
-Mom and Dad and friends can help for a bit while I recover.
-Could most likely find a job in an advertising bureau
-Don’t have to search high and low for a place to live
-Could hang out with people who love me

CONS of going home:
-Have to pay medical insurance
-Have to pay for gas
-Have to have a car
-Don’t know for sure if I could find that job I think I could get
-Disappoint the people in the job that have stuck their neck out for me.
-No European passport
-Would feel pressure 

Jul 17, 2014

Some good things to remember

I am making my own adventure here! :)

I am most of the way there! Just a bit left to go !!

I have the power to change the things around me.

Jul 14, 2014

Good things today:
-Talked with new interesting people about working with them to promote their awesome new product that I really like a lot.
-Drank a fair amount of coffee.
-Ran this morning with Miro.
-Called the stupid people about Capio City about my prescription. Should be fixed tomorrow. Hooray! My hormones will normalize and I’ll feel less shitty.
-Julian and I had a rather good conversation. Doesn’t happen that often, so I am glad when it does.
-Talked with Jack about what kind of work I’ll be doing in August. Made an appointment to speak with Brian on Friday. 

Jul 12, 2014

Hemingway and gellhorn

Hi there
It’s been awhile since I’ve talked with you. I’d ask how you are doing but you’d probably say that life is beautiful; Sweden is summer is beautiful. It is, I agree but it’s too hot. I watched Hemingway and Gellhorn earlier and I thought about you a bit. I’ve started accepting that you are a part of my life, and probably always will be. Tiden läker alla sårar…eller? It’s because of you I write more often, and give thought to the words I choose.

I miss you dearly, but it’s almost always better to miss someone than have them close and take them for granted. I love people better when I’m far away. I think.

Memories are sweet but they will be replaced with new memories. Memories that press down others like piles and piles of paper neatly stacked. I hope someone comes to knock them down someday.


Jul 5, 2014

The smell of cherries is drifting in through the window. I’m listening to the Beatles and Fugazi and perhaps Thåström so I can feel a little closer to these Swedes that I love so much.

I chose to stay in tonite. To not go to a “forest party”. Mostly because I didnt want to deal with the option of taking drugs or not. I’ve always avoided those situations, not completely, but I hate being around people who would rather slip away from their lives while surrounded by interesting people. people who need to talk so badly, but take the choice to not.

i felt a bit lonely today in spite of a lovely conversation and ice cream with Louise. Why do I have to be so serious about everything? I found a good Bob Hund song that explains that emotion. 

Att födas här
Att födas in
I en obotlig identitetskris
Världen håller för hårt i oss
Kramas för intensivt

The best moment today was agreeing with Louise that Håkan Hellström is “just okay”. We laughed about this and I enjoyed it. 

I’ve been reading The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair. It reminds me of two things that I like very much: my Swedish teacher and Twin Peaks. I feel like I am going though this pattern of remembering different phases of my life here in Sweden before this last trip. 

there may be somethings wrong with me. i may have been borderline anorexic before i went on my trip. i am severely addicted to nicotine. i love coffee and the feeling i get from having a shockingly strong cup of it.


A particularly vibrant puddle in Times Square.
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A particularly vibrant puddle in Times Square.

Jun 26, 2014

a promise amidst homesickness

back in sweden it felt as lonely as homesickness can make it. i had been to an interview, in which i had not gotten the job, but managed to convince him enough of my worth to talk about a consulting gig or internship in the fall. i still had the other job in my back pocket (the sales job for my old college buddy starting mid august), and a couple of dog walking and house sitting things to keep things afloat. 

the wanderlust was burning cold. i had gotten my rest in atlanta, made amends, secured important connections to people and things that mattered. traveling more was out of the question. the swedish summer was lulling and lazy by comparison however. there was nothing immensely immediate about the swedish life at all— and it was upsettingly frank about its intentions. no one screaming, no one frantic, no one begging for attention. the beaches were there if i wanted…the parks too. the european sun is made to be soaked up, even in the most northern of latitudes.

it was what i liked about sweden in the fall and winter. everyone stares into their coffee and when they speak, they say important things. sweden can be annoyingly serious in the summertime. that’s why i had sent out an immediate invitation to my parisian american friend to come stay for awhile. i needed silliness. i needed someone to bum around with and talk about the BURNING IMPORTANCE of kerouac and SCROUNGING OUT A LIFE. 

i was resolute in my decision. had talked it over with the folks. i was here to stay, to make it to my golden goal of a red covered passport that could take me to innumerable adventures and places. sweden was good to me. i just needed to make it through a lonely summer and the outstretched arms of homesick laden atlanta.

Jun 23, 2014

23 June 14.43 - NYC Airplane

"You can see a beautiful view of Freedom Tower, downtown Manhattan and Coney Island," said the captain cheerfully.

Great, I don’t care,” I heard myself answer back in my head. 

I listened to the stewardess talking t a passenger, thought about the scotch drinking man behind me who had ordered about four or five drinks during the two and a half hour flight. Wondered why I was flying away from people who love me. 

Jun 23, 2014

23 June - 1:30am

US tied Portugal 2-2 in the World Cup. Defeat snatched away from victory at the last second. 

My birthday pary gave me mixed emotions. I was incredibly happy with the people who decided to come. I felt emotional the whole evening but chose not to show it, just was glad and deeply enjoyed the mint julep that my brother had carefully concocted for me. 

The difference between science and fucking around is writing it down. 

Today I saw a magazine cover that aid “Be your own boss! Turn passion into money!” and I thought, “Wow, this is a lot of people’s dream that I have done. And I am doing it in a foreign country.”

I have a pretty solid job offer for the middle of August. 

My dad said he was proud of me. 

Good birthday gifts. 

Jun 17, 2014

17 June 2014 - 12.19 am

Ghana was defeated by the US and my booze free life continues. At this pace I am going to be really boring and sad at my own birthday party.

I fell for someone. It was about a sexual connection between us, but now it’s about this story instead: a story of adventure of a life on the road. That we were kindred spirits in the night. That we could maybe do anything and everything together.

He’s engaged.